Matterhorn Tour--1 hour, 20 minutes

The Big Matterhorn Tour is an enchanting aerial adventure through the valleys and glaciers of the Alps. A thrill for any Alpine enthusiast!

Make sure you have your camera with you; this is among the most stunning helicopter rides you will ever take!

The flight starts at Locarno (Ticino, South Switzerland) and passes Domodossola (Piemonte). Above the Antrona- and Allalin pass, we touch upon Saas Fee (Wallis) and Zermatt, arriving at the famous Matterhorn at 14,700 feet. Soaring over Monte Rosa Glacier (15,100 feet), and Aosta Valleys, the ride returns to Locarno at the lakeside of Lago Maggiore.

Rates: CHF 560,- / per person

Schwarzberg Glacier, Allalin Glacier, Mellich Glacier, Findel Glacier, Gorner Glacier, Theodul Glacier, Furgg Glacier, Matterhorn Glacier, Zmutt Glacier, Tiefmatten Glacier, Breithorn Glacier, Schwaerze Glacier, Triftji Glacier, Zwillings Glacier, Grenz Glacier, Liskamm Glacier, Monte Rosa Glacier.

Mountain Lakes:
Lago Maggiore 633 feet, Melezza Reservoir 2,333 feet, Lago Alpe dei Cavalli 4,888 feet, Lago di Antrona 3,520 ft., Lago di Campliccioli 4,436 ft., Lago Camposecco 7,628 ft., Lago Cingino 7,313 ft., Mattmark Stausee 7,208 ft., Lago di Orta 951 ft., Lago di Mergozzo 663 ft.

National parks:
Val Grande (up to 7,543 feet), Alta Valsésia with Europe's highest located building Regina Margherita (14.941 feet)

Target in sight
Approach to the top

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